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Dawlance AURA 15 Dc Inverter 1.0 Ton White

Anti rust coating, 100% Copper Connecting Pipes, self cleaning Function, voltage range 150 to 260 V, Anti-F Feature, Typhoon air technology, 1100mm Bigger indoor, Large air throw

Dawlance ENERCON-15 Dc Inverter 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool

Elegant Glass Design, Corrosion & Rust Free with Gold Fin, Annual Saving of Rs.30,000, Wide Voltage Range 150-260V, High Efficiency Tubing enlarges the heat transfer area, Heat & Cool Function

Haier Split 12LTZ R410A 1.0 Ton White

T-Series, HSU-12LTZ/022L(W), T-Series, Environment Friendly, Voltage Stabilizer Turbo Cooling