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Dawlance DF-400ES Single Door Deep Freezer

Save up to 45% on your electricity bills and get quick cooling through the quick freeze option.

Dawlance DF-200ES Single Door Deep Freezer

Presenting Dawlance Convertible Glass Door Freezer which combines functionality with sheer elegance.

Dawlance 91996 LVS Plus Choco Brown

The LVS PLUS series comes with a new and sleek design that not only adds to the look of your kitchen but also saves you money in the long run. With LVS Plus technology you no longer need to worry about increasing voltage fluctuations and low voltage supply as Low voltage startup (LVS) Series runs on voltages as low as 135V while reducing your electricity bills with its energy saving feature.

Dawlance 9188WBNS Inverter (SS Look)

Dawlance Refrigerator with Inverter Technology is your ideal partner on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. With its Inverter Technology that saves up to 55% energy, Dawlance Refrigerator ensures a healthy and hygienic environment for your food and eventually, for you. Bring this technology with a heart to your home today and bid farewell to your energy and health woes.