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Pel Dc Inverter 24K ACE 2.0 Ton Heat / Cool

Bigger Outdoor Unit, With Wifi connector, R410a Environment Friendly Refrigerant,2.0 ton

Pel Dc Inverter 18k Ace (1.5ton) Heat & Cool

83,000.00 77,999.00
SEER 4.0 Full DC Inverter, Elegant White Ultra Slim Diamond Shape body, Hidden Display

Pel Dc Inverter 12k Super Silver 1.0 ton

Up to 60% Energy Saving, Inverter, Heat and Cool, Wall Mounted Split, Best Cooling Performance

Pel Dc Inverter 12k Ace 1.0 Ton Heat/Cool

Energy Efficient, Wall Mounted Split, Refrigerant: R410A/1.3kg, Rated Volt: 220-240V, Heat and Cool, Biggest Indoor, Durable.