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Pel Dc Inverter 24K ACE 2.0 Ton Heat / Cool

Bigger Outdoor Unit, With Wifi connector, R410a Environment Friendly Refrigerant,2.0 ton

Pel Dc Inverter 18k Super Silver 1.5ton

Inverter Technology, Heat and Cool, Wall Mounted Split, 1.5 Ton Capacity, Heat & Cool

Pel Dc Inverter 18k Ace (1.5ton) Heat & Cool

SEER 4.0 Full DC Inverter, Elegant White Ultra Slim Diamond Shape body, Hidden Display

Pel Dc Inverter 12k Super Silver 1.0 ton

Up to 60% Energy Saving, Inverter, Heat and Cool, Wall Mounted Split, Best Cooling Performance

Pel Dc Inverter 12k Ace 1.0 Ton Heat/Cool

Energy Efficient, Wall Mounted Split, Refrigerant: R410A/1.3kg, Rated Volt: 220-240V, Heat and Cool, Biggest Indoor, Durable.