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Carevell Visi Chiler Memc1200 Meat

Carevell deep Freezers meant to retain freezing temperature till 100 hours in case of Electricity shutdown,Pure and virgin plastic used to mold the plastic parts which enhance the product life and add durability which last longer.

Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM11

Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns,Front drain-easy cleaning,Dual compartment- separate freezer and refrigerator compartments,Convertible freezer compartment- can be converted into refrigerator

Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM09 Cold Stor

Rust Free EMBO Sheet,Cool Bank Technology,Fast Cooling System,Thick Insulated Body,Strong Hinges

Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM09

Rust Free EMBO Sheet, Cool Bank Technology, Fast Cooling System, Thick Insulated Body, Strong Hinges.