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Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM12

Signature being the name of innovation and style is always there to take care of your needs. Save up to 45% on your electricity bills and get quick cooling through the quick freeze option.

Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM11

Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns,Front drain-easy cleaning,Dual compartment- separate freezer and refrigerator compartments,Convertible freezer compartment- can be converted into refrigerator

Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM09 Cold Stor

Rust Free EMBO Sheet,Cool Bank Technology,Fast Cooling System,Thick Insulated Body,Strong Hinges

Signature Deep Freezer SCF-HM09

Rust Free EMBO Sheet, Cool Bank Technology, Fast Cooling System, Thick Insulated Body, Strong Hinges.