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Super Asia Room Cooler ECM-5000 Plus Super Cool
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM-5000 Plus Super Cool
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Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 5000 PLUS

Super Asia Room Cooler ECM-5000 Plus Super Cool with 6 Re-Freezable ICE packs for extra cooling and Two speed fan control to adjust air flow. Buy Best Super Asia Room Cooler at Lahore Centre.


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Super Asia Room Cooler ECM5000 PLUS

The Super Asia Room Cooler ECM5000 PLUS is a modern cooling solution that provides comfort during the warm summer. Because of its advanced functions and robust design, it is one of the popular choices for customers looking for a helpful and efficient method to beat the heat.

Moreover, the Super Asia Room Cooler ECM5000 PLUS has a large water tank capacity, so it can operate for extended periods without needing a refill. This feature in Super Asia Room Cooler is particularly beneficial during long summer days when consistent cooling is necessary. The water tank is also designed for easy access, making the refilling process straightforward and hassle-free.

Powerful air throw is one of the best functions of the Super Asia Room Cooler ECM-5000 PLUS. Equipped with a best-performance fan that can deliver air across a large room, this Air Cooler guarantees that each corner of your room remains comfortable and cool. The fan’s speed can be adjusted according to your desires, allowing for customizable comfort that suits various preferences and weather conditions.

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  • Top loading cooling box for Re-Freezable ice packs included for ultimate cooling
  • 6 Re-Freezable ICE packs for extra cooling
  • Water Tank Capacity: 60 Liters
  • Designed for performance with powerful airflow & cooling efficiency
  • Powerful & energy efficient motor
  • High efficiency anti-bacterial three sides honeycomb evaporative pad for optimum cooling
  • Powerful air throw with an auto swing for uniform cooling in the room
  • Fan-based cooling for efficient circulation of air
  • Two-speed fan control to adjust airflow according to the requirement
  • Shock & rust-proof plastic body
  • Large water tank capacity for longer cooling
  • Maintain continuous water supply system with float valve
  • Low maintenance & long-lasting life
  • Strong Wheels with four-way movement for convenient & easy mobility
  • Net Weight: 33kg
  • Gross Weight: 37kg
  • Product Dimensions: 810 x 630 x 1140

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Water Capacity

60 Liters

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