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i-zone Instant Geyser D6S Deluxe

i-zone Instant Geyser D6S Deluxe with 6 Litre Capacity, Heat Exchanger Function, Flameout Protection System, 80% Energy saving and Buy at Lahore Centre.

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  • 6 Litre Capacity
  • Gas Type (NG)
  • Heat Exchanger Function
  • Flameout Protection System
  • Ultra-low water-pressure start system
  • Over Water Pressure Protection
  • Anti-Frozen Device
  • 80% Energy saving
  • 100% Copper heat exchanger
  • Zero pressure value
  • Heat exchanger
  • 1 Years warranty
  • Rated heat power
  • Ultra-low water-pressure start system
  • Flameout protection
  • Battery auto ignition
  • Two ignition pins, much safer
  • Ignition failure protection


AC Capacity

6 Liters

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