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Dawlance DW-5200 Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine

One piece plastic body,Strong overflow rinse,Noise free operation,Extreme dryer which saves time,Rust filter which keeps clothes color for longer period of time  

Dawlance Washing Machine DW-320C/1450

Twin tub for greater convenience,Two way washing mechanism,Powerful pulsation gives strong washing effect,One piece plastic body

Dawlance Washing Machine DW-6550

No matter how heavy the laundry load is, Dawlance DW 6550W will make it easy. Powered with a wide impeller, enlarged capacity and shower rinse. This Washing Machine can bear the burden of washing.

Haier 7.5Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-75AS

2 Wash Programmed, Low Noise, High Efficiency, No Direct Inlet of Water into Spinner, Powerful Motor.

Haier 8 KG Semi Automatic Washing Machine HWM-80000

Brand Warranty,Type: Washing Machine + Dryer,Capacity (Washing): 8 kg,Capacity (Dryer): 6 kg,Level/Volume: High about 55L, Medium about 46L and Low about 36L

Haier HWM 100-BS Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Highly efficient motor ensures powerful rotation of clothes. Strong motor promises ensure high durability and efficiency to take heavy load.

Haier HWM 120-AS Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Lahore Center offers you the best Washing and Dryer with Warranty price in Pakistan! What are you waiting for? Start carting and shopping

Haier HWM 80-100S Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Haier Twin Tub Series Full plastic shell, rust proof Wide range voltage design Concave shell ,operate conveniently Transparent cover, chrome plated knobs

Haier HWM 80-AS Semi-automatic Washing Machine

The HWM 80AS is a semi-automatic washing machine by Haier that provides its user with various functions such as 500rpm spin speed, spin efficiency class 5Amp, rinse cycle and hold and much more.

Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 100AS

High Efficiency & Low Noise,Transparent Top Cover,Super Basin Pulsator Power,Powerful Motor,Shower Rinse

Kenwood 9 Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine KWM950SA

KWM-950 SA is a twin tub washing machine with transparent cover. With 9kg of washing capacity, it’s big pulsation gives a heavy torque to your clothes resulting in the best quality wash. The built-in dryer dries clothes so fresh that it is ready to iron. Its double layer plastic body makes it extremely long lasting.

Kenwood KWM-1010SA Twin Tub Washing Machine

10kg capacity, Full plastic body, Big pulstor, Double layer, Heavy duty, Low noise

Kenwood KWM-1012SA Semi Auto Washing Machine

The KWM-1012SA is a semi-automatic washing machine from Kenwood that packs a large 10kg worth of capacity, a big pulsator, rustproof, double layered, low noise and much more.

Kenwood KWM-1016SA Semi Auto Washing Machine

Full Plastic body/ Rust Proof,Heavy duty double layer,Big pulsator for smart wash,Transparent cover,Low Noise design,Double inlets for save time & water  

Kenwood KWM-935SA Double Semi Automatic Washing Machine

KWM-935 SA is a twin tub washing machine with a transparent cover that enables you to look through the glass throughout the process of washing. Its washing capacity is 9kg at a time while its body is made by absolute double layer plastic which makes it heavy duty and consequently produces low noise.

Super Asia SA-242 Twin Tub 7kg Washing Machine

Washing Capacity: 8kg,Spinning Capacity: 7kg,Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body,Double Strom Pulsator,Heavy Gear Technology,Power Full Copper Motor,Quick Spinning,Automatic Water Balancing Ring  

Super Asia SA-245 Twin Tub 7.5kg Washing Machine

Washing Capacity: 8kg,Spinning Capacity: 7kg,Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body,Double Strom Pulsator,Heavy Gear Technology,Power Full Copper Motor,Quick Spinning,Automatic Water Balancing Ring

Super Asia SA-280 Twin Tub 12kg Washing Machine

Dawlance ES series is an intelligent choice for better washing with some generous energy saving. It cuts down on the running costs by 38% and washes your clothes in the best way possible.


Sound Proof,Optimum Quality,100% copper,Energy Saver,Easily Operable,Two Way Washing System,Twin system