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DC Inverter AC in Pakistan

When buying a DC inverter AC in Pakistan, you should consider factors such as the brand reputation, cooling capacity, energy efficiency rating (usually denoted by EER or SEER), and the size of the AC unit in relation to the room you want to cool. Additionally, inquire about after-sales service and warranties provided by the manufacturer or retailer

DC Inverter AC in Pakistan have swiftly gained popularity, thanks to their myriad advantages over older AC models. In traditional air conditioners, the compressor guzzles a significant chunk of energy; however, modern iterations feature enhanced compressor technology that not only minimizes power consumption but also boasts superior and sustained cooling proficiency over time. The extensive array of choices often leaves consumers perplexed about the optimal selection. This article seeks to illuminate the distinctions between conventional air conditioners and DC inverters, aiding prospective buyers in determining the most suitable air conditioning solution tailored to their daily requirements.

How does a DC Inverter AC in Pakistan operate?

The operation of an inverter air conditioner closely resembles that of a standard air conditioner. However, a critical distinction between the two lies in the compressor functionality. Unlike a regular air conditioner, the inverter version doesn’t undergo complete shutdown cycles. Instead, the manufacturer ensures that the larger the disparity between the cooling demand and the unit’s output, the more it minimizes power consumption during periods of reduced usage.

The primary role of the inverter air conditioner revolves around modulating fan speeds and enabling the compressor’s electric motor to maintain a consistent temperature within the designated space. This is achieved through the utilization of direct current (DC) inverter technology, which operates with adjustable frequencies. Notably, these units are equipped with an embedded voltage inverter on their internal side, which effectively regulates the electric motor’s functioning.

Varieties of Inverter Air Conditioners

DC Inverter AC in Pakistan are specifically designed to save energy and have greater temperature control than older ACs that are not inverter-based. They accomplish this by changing the speed of the compressor to keep the desired temperature instead of switching it off and on. There are many sorts of inverter ACs, that differ in their technological and capabilities. Below are a few of the more common ones:

Single-Split Inverter AC 

It is the most well-known kind that inverter AC comes with. It comprises one interior unit (evaporator) linked to an outdoors unit (condenser). It’s ideal for cooling one space or even a tiny space.

Multi-Split AC

This configuration allows many indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit. It allows cooling of different rooms or spaces with one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit is operated independently, giving you the flexibility of cooling multiple rooms.

Variable RefrigerantFlow (VRF)

The inverter AC Systems that use VRF are more modern and are suitable for areas of commercial space or rooms. They control the refrigerant flow rates to each individual indoor unit with exact temperature control and efficiency in use.

Ducted Inverter

AC Systems with ducts have been made to fit into walls and ceilings. they spread cool air over the duct network. They’re perfect to cool several rooms or a whole house and provide a central cooling system.

Cassette inverter AC 

The ACs are positioned on the ceiling, and feature a the form of a square or circular grille which distributes air throughout the. They are often utilized in commercial settings such as shops or offices.

Portable Inverter AC: 

These are portable AC units that are able to move from room to rooms. There is a vent in them that must be directed to the outside to let out hot air.

Floor-Mounted Inverter AC 

They are built for installation on the floor and are ideal for spaces where ceiling or wall installation is not possible.

Window-Inverter AC

The ACs can be set up in a window or an opening that is specially made inside the wall. These are older models of AC but they are also equipped with an inverter system for greater effectiveness.

Hybrid inverter AC

Some ACs have hybrid technology, which combine the advantages of inverter technology along with other benefits for energy efficiency, such as using the compressor as well as fan motors that are able to operate at different speed.

It is crucial to select the appropriate type of AC that is based on your needs for cooling, dimensions of the area you’d like to cool and the budget you have set. Talking to HVAC experts or studying specifications for products from trusted manufacturers will help you make an informed choice.

Inverter air conditioner brands available in Pakistan

In the Pakistani wholesale market, a variety of inverter air conditioners are readily accessible. Numerous well-known local brands offer cost-effective inverter AC options as compared to imported DC inverter ACs. A selection of renowned inverter AC manufacturers includes:

These companies specialize in providing both residential and commercial Inverter (DC) split AC units. Although installation expenses can be significant, the ongoing operational costs remain low due to the energy-efficient characteristics inherent in these systems.

Revised for August 2023: Cost of DC Inverter AC in Pakistan

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