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TCL Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Elite Series TAC-18HEW

TCL TAC-18HEW 1.5 Ton Elite Series Inverter Air Conditioner with Eco-Friendly Mode, Double Swing, Energy Efficient and Super Quiet | At Lahore Centre electronics store.

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Features of TCL Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Elite Series TAC-18HEW

TCL AC 1.5 Ton Inverter Elite Series TAC-18HEW has the following specifications:

  • Double Swing
  • Energy Efficient
  • Self Cleaning
  • Full BTU 46°
  • Smart Air Flow
  • Super Quiet
  • Turbo Mode
  • One Touch Self Cleaning
  • 4D Air Flow
  • Fast Heating & Cooling
  • Sleep Mode
  • Eco-Friendly Mode


TCL Inverter Elite Series is a poweful cooling colution with its unique design. It inverter and energy-efficient technology enhance your indoor comfort. Here’s a detailed look at its specifications:


The cooling capacity of this AC is suitable for medium to large-sized room even in hot-summer days.

Inverter technology:

Advanced inverter technology helps in reducing electricity bills. Without taking worry about bills, you can enjoy the comfort.

Turbo cooling function:

This feature helps in rapid cooling, providing instant relief from the sweltering heat.

Multi-stage filteration system:

This feature helps in filteration, removing dust allergens and other airborne particles.

Intelligent air-flow control:

TCL’s best feature is even distributon of air flow, preventing hotspots and cold drafts.

Smart connectivity:

Wifi feature helps in monitoring the AC remotly from your smartphone and tablet, enhancing user convenience and flexibilty.


In line with international sustainability initiatives, the TCL Elite Series AC uses ecologically friendly refrigerants, which lower carbon emissions and lessen environmental effect.


With years of reliable service and comfortable cooling, the TCL Inverter AC is made to last since it is built from high-quality materials and put through extensive quality testing.

In conclusion, the TCL  inverter AC  offers exceptional cooling comfort and convenience for your home or business setting by combining cutting-edge technology, modern design, and energy-efficient function.









Air Conditioner Type

Wall Mounted Split

Cooling Capacity

1.5 Ton

Cooling Type

Heat & Cool



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