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Dawlance MWO DW-280 S SOLO Microwave Oven

Mechanical Rotary Control, 30 Minute Timer, 6 Power Levels

Dawlance DW-MD7 20Ltr Microwave Oven

6 Microwave Power Settings, Mechanical Rotary Controls, Free Standing, Solo Type, Best Performance, Durable.

Dawlance DW-259C 25Ltr Microwave Oven

Dawlance DW-259C 25Ltr Microwave Oven Ideal Microwave Oven for baking, heating, defrosting, and cooking food for an average sized Pakistani family. It contains 260 Built In microwave recipes from around the world that can be operated with one touch option. Perfect Microwave Oven for baking Cakes and Pizza!

Dawlance DW-136G 36Ltr Microwave Oven

Dawlance DW-136G 36Ltr Microwave Oven, Digital Control Panel, Cooking Series, Grill Type, Medium Size 36 Liters Microwave Oven.

Dawlance 9188WBNS Inverter (SS Look)

Dawlance Refrigerator with Inverter Technology is your ideal partner on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. With its Inverter Technology that saves up to 55% energy, Dawlance Refrigerator ensures a healthy and hygienic environment for your food and eventually, for you. Bring this technology with a heart to your home today and bid farewell to your energy and health woes.