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Fotile EPS 3 Burner Gas Hob (GAG-86309)

25.5 Flame Angle Technology, Safety Ignition Pin, Removable Washing Cup, 5 Nozzle Burners, Tempered Glass.

Fotile 3 Burners Built-in Gas Hob (GAS90302)

Fast Ignition Technology, Safety Ignition Pin, Removable Washing Cup, New FOTILE Burner With 4 Innovation, Concealed Drip Pan.

Fotile 3 Burner Gas Hob (GDG-78309)

Gas Hob, Imported Glass Finish, Best Performance, 80cm, Flame Failure Device (FFD), Safety Ignition Pin, Cast Iron Grate.

Fotile Lohas 4 Burners Built-in Gas Stove (GLG60407)

3-Layer Tempered Glass Surface, Fotile LOHAS Burner, Flame Failure Device Design, EPS Technology, Durable.

Fotile 5 Burners Built-in Gas Hob (GLG86520)

Product Size (mm)(W×D) 860X500, Built-in Size (mm)(W×D) 816X460, Gas type LPG/NG, Gas pressure (Pa)/Voltage 2800/2000/1000,Thermal load (kW) L-Upper: 2.5 L-Down: 0.8 M: 3.5 R-Upper&R-Down: 1.7 Zone Diameter(mm) , Net Weight (kg) 16, Gross weight (kg) 18, Carton Size L*W*H(mm) 890X530X182

Fotile GLS-90501 5-Burners Gas Hob

  • Tempered glass surface, stylish and beautiful, safe and easy to clean, Burner cleaning, detachable upper air inlet, more convenient to clean the burner, FOTILE exclusive super alloy material, no oil stains/hand prints, easier to clean