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Super Asia SA-809PW Fully Automatic
Super Asia SA-809PW Fully Automatic
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Super Asia SA-809 PW Fully Automatic

Super Asia SA-809PW Fully Automatic with One Touch Wash, Fuzzy Logic Control Water Gushed Pulsator, Tempered Glass Lid and Led Display. Buy with Best Price at Lahore Centre.


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Features in Super Asia SA-809PW Fully Automatic

Super Asia Fully Automatic SA-809PW exhibits the following specifications:

  • Washing Capacity 9 Kg
  • One Touch Wash
  • Fuzzy Logic Control
  • Detergent Dispensar
  • Magic Filter
  • Power OFf Memory Backup
  • Air Dry Led Display
  • Error Alarm
  • Adjustable Leg Auto Unbalancing Detection
  • Net Weight: 36 kg
  • Gross Weight: 40 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 550 x 565 x 959


Automatic functionality

The machine likely offers fully automatic operations, handling washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles without manual intervention.


Different models may have varying capacities, allowing users to choose a size that suits their laundry needs.

Wash programs

The washing machine is likely equipped with multiple wash programs catering to different types of fabrics and laundry requirements.

Digital display control

A digital display and user-friendly controls make it easy to select wash programs, adjust settings, and monitor the progress of the wash cycle.

Energy efficiency

Modern washing machines often focus on energy efficiency, helping users save on electricity costs and reduce environmental impact.

Spin speed

The machine may offer variable spin speeds to efficiently remove excess water from clothes during the spinning cycle.





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