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Audionic AD-7000 Plus Multimedia Woofer Speaker 2.1 Channel

The AD-7000 PLUS 2.1 Multimedia Speaker, with AC/DC support, provides a versatile audio solution, delivering a dynamic sound experience for various environments.


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The Audionic AD-7000 multimedia 2.1 channel speakers are the one for you if you want the best speakers in town at a low price. Users may connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and play music tracks simply and constantly with the Battery Operated Speaker’s dual powered AC/DC support. USB and SD/MMC card support also assist users in playing music audio files.It is clear digital display feature provides a beautiful visual experience for the user, while the wireless remote control function allows the user to effortlessly manage voice output. Its basic black design with yellow finishing is specifically designed for indoor use.

Now Play Speaker Without Electricity Through AC/DC Function:

  • AD-7000 Plus is battery operated speaker so you can take it anywhere. Just switch it on& you are ready for indoor or outdoor activity anywhere.
  • AC/DC Power Supported: It is Battery Operated Speaker that has ability to operate with dual powered AC/DC Support.
  • Bluetooth: User can connect to any Bluetooth enable device and play music tracks easily.
  • USB and SD/MMC Card: Play MP3 files directly and continuously with flash drive and SD/MMC Card. Digital Display Feature make your experience wonderful Remote Control function allow user to control audio output wirelessly.
  • Output Power: 10 W + 5W x 2 Sub-Woofer: 5 inches Satellite: 3 x 2


  • Digital Display
  • 5 inches Sub-woorfer
  • Play Audio Files Directly from Flash Drive & SD/MMC Card
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Output Power: 10W + 5W x 2
  • Drive Unit: Sub-Woofer 5″ Satellite 3″ x 2
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz – 12KHz


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Portable Speaker

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