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Haier Top Load Washing Machine-HWM95-1678ES8

“Discover the Efficiency of the Haier Top Load Washing Machine Model HWM 95-1678ES8 – Your Perfect Laundry Companion. Explore its Features and Benefits for Hassle-Free Laundry Days!”


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Features Haier Top Load Washing Machine-HWM95-1678ES8

Haier Top Load Washing Machine-HWM95-1678ES8 ha the following features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Washer & Dryer
  • LED Display
  • Excellent Wash Performance
  • NZP Technology
  • Top Load
  • 9.5 Kg Capacity


Knob control

Knob control allows users to easily rotate the knob to select different wash programs. These programs could include options like normal wash, delicate wash, heavy-duty wash, and more. It is also used for selecting the water level.

Storm wash

-Haier offers storm wash for  powerful cleaning and intensive wash action. It might include adaptive technology that adjusts the wash parameters based on the type and amount of dirt, providing a customized and optimized cleaning process.

-Offers quick wash option.

-Involves an optimized spin speed to facilitate better water extraction, resulting in quicker drying times for the laundry.

Pillow drum

Pillow drum is the best feature of this product. It helps in gentle fabric care, even washing and in effective water extraction. Its drum is designed such that its wash is noise free.

NZP technology

NZP technology is the most important feature. It is beneficial as it not only helps in better wash but helpful where there is no water pressure.

Discover the Efficiency of the Haier Top Load Washing Machine.  Your Perfect Laundry Companion. You can explore its features by buying from our store in easy installments.



Washer & Spinner Type

Top Load



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