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LG 75Nano95 NanoCell TV 75-Inches

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Brand: LG
Resolution: 7680 x 4320
OS webOS Smart TV
 Cores Quad
Processor α9 Gen4 AI Processor 8K (E60)
Display R.Rate 50Hz
Bluetooth Audio Yes
Standby Power Consumption Under 0.5W
Game Mode Yes
WiFi Direct Yes
HDMI | USB 4 |  2 Rare, 2 Side
  • LG NanoCell technology for pure colors in 8K Ultra HD.
  • α9 Gen4 AI processor for 8K upscaling & Full Array dimming for sensational contrast
  • HDR, HFR for outstanding cinema, sport, and gaming
  • Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision IQ for highly immersive entertainment
  • Optimal viewing experience from wide angles
  • LG 75Nano95 NanoCell LED Price in Pakistan.
  • LG NanoCell TV is immediately distinguishable from your standard LCD TV thanks to Pure Colors. Combined with a beautiful Real 8K display, Pure Colors deliver a more accurate, high-quality picture to heighten your immersion.
  • Every Color Crystal Clear
    LG NanoCell TV utilizes nanoparticles, our own distinctive Nanotechnology, to filter and refine color, removing impurities from RGB wavelengths. This means that only pure, accurate colors will be displayed on the screen. The result is a more vibrant, more realistic picture that will bring your content to life.
  • Why Real 8K?
    LG NanoCell TV delivers a Real 8K experience that’s up there with the best. NanoCell’s mastery of color, combined with approximately 33 million densely packed pixels, delivers a stunning, high-resolution picture that far surpasses the standard for 8K TV.
  • TV with more than one artistic side.
    LG NanoCell TV is designed with home aesthetics in mind. With a sleek, minimalistic design it hangs tight to your wall like a work of art, adding a touch of beauty while maximizing your space.



7680 x 4320


webOS Smart TV






Standby Consumption Under 0.5W



USB Port

2 Side

Choose Size

55", 65", 75"

Led Type

UHD (4K)

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