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Orient Inverter AC 1.5TON 18G HYPER T3

One of the most cooled air conditioners by orient. 1.5 Ton Ultron Hyper DC Inverter AC Gold Fin is not only classy but it also accommodates your requirement with the lowest price rate.

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Orient Inverter AC 1.5TON 18G HYPER T3 | Best Features

  • Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser
  • 4D Air Throw
  • R410 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • For All Weather (Heat & Cool)
  • Full Money Back Guarantee in 1 Year
  • E-Comfort Feature
  • Predictions
  • Built-in Energy Meter
  • Electricity Consumption Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Google Assistance
  • Online Control
  • Plug & Play

Benefits of Orient Inverter AC 1.5TON 18G HYPER T3

The above-mentioned features in Orient air conditioners have the following benefits:

  1. Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser: Premium gold fin coating ensures durability and efficient heat transfer for long-lasting performance.
  2. 4D Air Throw: Delivers powerful and uniform airflow in all directions for consistent comfort throughout the room.
  3. R410 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerant, eco-friendly while maintaining efficient cooling.
  4. Low Voltage Operation: Operates efficiently even at low voltage, ensuring uninterrupted comfort during voltage fluctuations.
  5. For All Weather (Heat & Cool): Provides both heating and cooling capabilities, making it suitable for use in all seasons.
  6. Full Money Back Guarantee in 1 Year: Offers a complete refund within the first year, providing peace of mind and customer satisfaction.
  7. E-Comfort Feature: Incorporates advanced e-comfort technology for enhanced comfort and convenience.
  8. Predictions: Utilizes predictive technology to optimize performance and energy efficiency based on usage patterns.
  9. Built-in Energy Meter: Monitors and tracks energy consumption, allowing users to manage and reduce electricity usage effectively.
  10. Electricity Consumption Management: Enables efficient management of electricity consumption, helping users save on energy bills.
  11. Schedule Management: Allows users to set customized schedules for operation, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency.
  12. Google Assistance: Integrates with Google Assistant for voice control and seamless smart home integration.
  13. Online Control: Provides remote control and monitoring capabilities through an online platform or mobile app.
  14. Plug & Play: Easy installation and setup process, making it convenient for users to start enjoying the comfort now.

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Air Conditioner Type

Wall Mounted Split

Cooling Capacity

1.5 Ton

Cooling Type

Heat & Cool



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