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Philips Blender Core HR2223/00
Philips Blender Core HR2223/00
Philips Blender Core HR2223/00
Philips Blender Core HR2223/00
Philips Blender Core HR2223/00
Philips Blender Core HR2223/00

Philips Blender Core HR2223/00

Elevate your blending experience with the Philips Blender Core HR2223/00. Discover exceptional power and performance for all your culinary adventures. Upgrade your kitchen today!


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Features in Philips Blender Core HR2223/00

Philips Blender Core HR2223/00 comprises the following features:

  • Blend 40% finer and crush the ice perfectly
  • Thanks to the powerful ProBlend Crush Technology
  • 5 preset settings for easy and reliable results
  • Perfectly crushed ice, 2x faster
  • Strong 700 W motor
  • With Quick Clean button for fast & easy cleaning
  • Removable lid and knife for additional convenience
  • Will help to create a variety of local dishes
  • With Motor overheat protection to prevent machine break done
  • ProBlend Crush technology for perfect results
  • Made in: China
  • Power: 700 W
  • Capacity jar: 2 L
  • Working capacity jar: 1.5 L
  • Type of lid: Removable
  • Number of speed settings: 5 and pulse
  • Prefix programs: 5+2
  • Blade:4 star blade
  • Preset Button: Piano Button
  • Speed UI: Piano Button
  • Accessories
    • Jar
    • Spatula
    • Filter
    • Mill
  • Chopper: Yes
  • Color(s): Lavender
  • Material of main body: Plastic
  • Material blade: Stainless Steel
  • Material jar: Plastic SAN
  • 2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes


Ice Crusher Kit

Enhancing the Ice Fineness by 40%

This ice crusher delivers a gentle ice-crushing experience, thanks to its distinctive four-blade design, an energy-efficient 700-watt motor, and cutting-edge ProBlend ice-crushing technology. It stands out as a robust ice crusher capable of crushing ice at double the speed.

Featuring 5 program settings for straightforward and dependable results, as well as 5-speed settings to achieve the desired consistency, whether crafting smoothies, soups, or sauces.

Crushing Ice with Double the Speed

its problend crushing technology, generates the snow-white ice in half the usual time, making it an ideal companion for crafting frozen cocktails and delicious desserts.

Quick Clean Button

Simplify the cleaning process with the Quick Clean button, allowing for swift and easy maintenance. The removable lid and blade add an extra layer of convenience.

Motor Overheat Protection for Appliance Durability

Motor Thermal Protection (MTP) serves as a safeguard, preventing damage to the appliance and extending the overall lifespan of the blender.

ProBlend Crush Technology for Optimal Outcomes

The innovative ProBlend Crush technology seamlessly integrates optimized four-star blades with a highly efficient 700-watt motor, ensuring rapid, consistent, and outstanding results.




Electronics Type

Hand Mixer/Blender

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