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Philips ProMix Hand-blender HR2531/01

Philips ProMix Hand-blender HR2531/01

Experience effortless blending with the Philips ProMix Hand Blender. Discover precision and power in one compact kitchen tool. Shop now for smooth culinary creation.


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Features in Philips ProMix Hand-blender HR2531/01

Philips ProMix Hand-blender HR2531/01 consists of the following features:

Fast and efficient blending with touch of single button

Enjoy effortless homemade meals every day

Anti-Splash blade guard

Ergonomic design

ProMix Advanced blending technology

Single button release system

650W Powerful Motor

Made in: China

Material housing: Plastic

Material bar: Plastic


  • Blade unit S-blade
  • Beaker

Power: 650 W

Color: White

Speed setting: 1

2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes


Unique design

With its powerful motor and unique ergonomic design, this new hand blender for everyday use purees quickly and efficiently at the touch of a button.

Fast and efficient pureeing at the touch of a button

Splash guard for the blade

Special ridges on the bottom of the hand blender prevent splashing and contamination during blending.

Ergonomic design

The robust, ergonomic design ensures comfortable and easy operation by consumers.

Advanced Promix blending technology

Philips ProMix is a unique advanced technology developed in collaboration with the renowned University of Stuttgart.

Flow of ingredients

The special triangular design optimises the flow of ingredients for faster and smoother mixing with maximum performance.



Electronics Type

Hand Mixer/Blender

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