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Super Asia Room Cooler JC 777 (Auto)

For Re-Freezable Ice Packs included For Ultimate, Designed For Performance With Powerful Airflow Cool Efficiency, Powerful Energy Efficient Motor, Shock Rust Proof Plastic Body.


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  • Top Loading Cooling Box (For Re-Freezable Ice Packs included For Ultimate)
  • Remote Control (Relax And Enjoy the Cooling Breeze At the Touch Of A Button)
  • Smart Touch (Smart Touch Control Panel For Ease Of Operation)
  • Ice Packs (4 Re-Freezable Ice Packs For Extra Cooling)
  • Powerful Air Throw (Designed For Performance With Powerful Airflow Cool Efficiency)
  • Energy Efficient (Powerful Energy Efficient Motor)
  • High Efficiency Cooling PADS
  • Auto Swing
  • Turbo Fan Technology
  • System Restore Function
  • 2 Speed Control
  • Strong outer Body (Shock Rust Proof Plastic Body)
  • Large Tank Capacity
  • Continuous Water Supply
  • 4 Way Mobility

Super Asia

Water Capacity

45 Liters

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