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Dawlance Elegance Pro 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Dawlance Mega T+ 0.75 Ton Inverter (Cool Only)

Dawlance Mega T+ 10 Cool Only Inverter Split AC, Gen Mode, Zone Follow, Health Filters, Gold Fin, Low Voltage Operation, 4D Airflow


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Gen Mode

Through Gen Mode, you can choose the current level of the unit out of three options and customize your power usage.

Zone Follow

With built-in additional temperature sensor in the remote controller, your AC can adjust cooling more accurately by monitoring live surrounding temperature and provide extra comfort.

Health Filters

6-in-1 Health Filters: Photocatalyst Filter + Active Carbon Filter + Anti-dust Static Filter Catechin Filter + Silver Ion Filter + Vitamin C Filter

Gold Fin

This floor standing air conditioning unit comes with improved Hydrophilic & Heat technology, which protects from rust and corrosive items.

Low Voltage Operation

Our airconditioner allows a continous operation even under severe power fluctuation- as low as 150V

4D Airflow

Experience 4-Dimensional cooling with horizontal and vertical swing action ensuring better airflow while giving uniform cooling.


Cooling Capacity

1.0 Ton



Air Conditioner Type

Wall Mounted Split

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