The Importance Of The Fridge In Everyday Life

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A fridge is one of the most valuable appliances in today’s households. Almost every household in the world needs a fridge to store food and prevent it from spoiling. This ingenious and magical device is switched on every five minutes to keep everything cold. Without this device, a huge amount of food would be thrown away every day. Of course, inventions like this are great and they affect almost everyone on this planet, regardless of their living situation.

fridge in installments in Lahore

Preservatives used in the past:

The natural preservatives used in the past were salt and ice. This allowed food to be preserved for a relatively long time, but it was not that easy and production was tricky. Nowadays, refrigerators not only help us preserve our food but also offer us luxuries. It keeps our drinks cool when we need them and it also has a freezing function that allows us to prepare the delicious desserts we all enjoy these days.

Progress in Fridge:

A lot of progress has been made in today’s world, including in the functionality of refrigerators. The first refrigerator used very little electricity, but today they consume more energy than usual.

Types of fridges in the market

Different types of refrigerators have been developed to meet the different needs of modern people.


One example is the mini-refrigerator. This has only one small compartment and can therefore hold only a small amount of food. This avoids the need for people to buy large quantities of food, which can lead to overconsumption. It is also small enough to take with you when travelling. This is especially handy for families going on outdoor picnics to store fresh and nutritious food. This device even works with a 12-volt adapter and can be plugged into any socket in any type of vehicle. Even during long car journeys and business trips, the compact fridge keeps your favourite drinks cool and ready to drink.

Top mount refrigerators:

These refrigerators are best for those houses that have less space in their houses. Top-mount refrigerators are cost-effective and energy-efficient. They are unique designs are suitable for small apartments. They are durable and reliable.

Top mount refrigerators

                         Top mount refrigerators

Side By Side refrigerators:

With the advancement in the refrigerator industry, many brands have introduced advanced models of refrigerators. Side by Side refrigerators are one of them. They are also known as double-door refrigerators. These are more spacious and suitable for large families. Experience the ideal fusion of elegance and efficiency with our high-quality side-by-side refrigerators, which are made to meet all of your cooling requirements and give your kitchen a refined look.

side by side refrigerators

                side by-side refrigerators

Deep freezers:

Deep freezers are essential kitchen appliances with a wide range of uses for both home and business owners. These adaptable units are essential for today’s food storage and preservation because they may reduce food waste, preserve perishable items, streamline operations, and encourage self-sufficiency. Whether you’re starting a sustainable lifestyle, stocking up for the coming week, or getting ready for unexpected emergencies, a deep freezer is a priceless tool that may improve your quality of life and allow you to enjoy all of your kitchen activities.
In Pakistan, these freezers are mostly in demand at the time of Eid days. Shopkeepers prefer them to store ice-creams and bottles in summer.

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        Widest range of deep freezers in Pakistan

The fridge is the most important innovation in the history of food

According to the Sun, the fridge has overtaken pasteurisation, the microwave and pots, pans, knives and cutlery as the most important innovation in the history of food and drink. Pasteurisation – the heating of food to a certain temperature to kill bacteria – and the invention of the canning factory follow in second and third place. A total of 45 scientists from the Royal Society assessed the 20 innovations according to the criteria of convenience, productivity, aesthetics and health.

Refrigeration has played the biggest role in improving the diet of millions of people. It provides a more varied, interesting, nutritious and affordable diet. The first known demonstration of artificial refrigeration was carried out in Glasgow in 1748, according to The Sun. Other items on the list include Oven, irrigation, threshing machine or reaper, baking, picking, milling, ploughing, fermenting, fishing nets, crop rotation, pots and pans, knives, eating utensils, corkscrews, barrels, microwave ovens and roasters.

The increase in the number of refrigerators in the world is beneficial to food preservation. In Pakistan, only a quarter of households own a refrigerator.

The fridge is the greatest invention of the 20th century

Some people already agree with the view that the refrigerator is the greatest invention of the 20th century. With the advent of electricity, refrigerators revolutionized the market. It makes good food more non-perishable and gets it into more homes. It can store food so that people don’t have to go to the store to buy it every day, making life more convenient. At the same time, it ensures that food is properly preserved, thereby benefiting people’s health.

Beneficial changes

It’s important to note that in a hot and humid country like Pakistan, food spoils faster than elsewhere. The refrigerator solves this problem and saves a lot of money.

What impact did the emergence of refrigerators have on food production?

Before the invention of refrigerators, the markets were wet everywhere. The reason why the market is said to be wet is that in the market, people are constantly flushing with water to reduce the risk of contamination. In these places, usually outdoors, live or slaughtered animals are placed directly on the table rather than in the refrigerator.  This is dangerous from a food preservation and food hygiene perspective.

Refrigerators increase the consumption of certain foods

Preservation is necessary for greater consumption of certain foods, such as meat. But simply increasing the number of refrigerators cannot solve this problem. This involves the use of cold storage facilities and more efficient supply chains, which can make products better and cheaper.

In most parts of the world, the main issue today is not the amount of local food production (food security) but the quality and safety of the food. This is a major issue as it involves more complex transport and storage structures, in which refrigerators play a key role.

Refrigerator affects eating out:

A more structured cold chain will also affect people eating out. Because it reduces roadside food sales without any food controls – a phenomenon common in Pakistan- it also facilitates the expansion of food services and restaurant chains.

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